RV Products


Interactio Cloud

The Interactio Cloud is the Cloud-based platform behind the Interactio System. The Cloud is a web portal that enables users to control systems in their RVs and read sensor values in near real-time. 


For instance - say your trailer is in storage and you are at home. Would you like to know what your current battery voltage is? What the temperature and humidity are? Turn on your battery charger, furnace or refrigerator?  Simply log in to the Interactio Cloud to view and control your systems from anywhere.

Smart Dome Light/Environmental sensor bundle

One of the core devices in the Interactio system, the hub includes an integrated LED dome light with temperature, humidity and live webcam. 


The dome light is designed to be retrofiited into existing boats with minimal effort and uses BLE to communicate to the Hub and Interactio Cloud

Interactio Smart Sensors

The Interactio system can interface with a number of BLE enabled sensors for data such as:


  • fuel flow(s)

  • voltages

  • temperature, humidity

  • fluid levels

  • shore power connection


In addition, many other data elements are calculated by the Interactio Hub and are available on either the Interactio mobile app while onboard or remotely via the Interactio Cloud.