At Interactio, we design and manufacture a range of products for the connected Boat and RV. Our products bring established devices such as mobile phone and tablets with Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology to enhance your user experience, allowing you to interact and optimize your vessel when you are onboard or remote.





When you are away from your boat are you concerned about things like bilge water levels, freezing conditions or if you left a light on?  Wouldn't you love to be able to control your boat's systems remotely or have your boat let you know when there is a problem? With Interactio you can!


Log into the Interactio Cloud and interact with your boat, live and in real time! View your boat's systems and read temperature, battery and charger voltages, security alerts, bilge water levels and more. Interact with your boat and turn lights and other circuits on or off remotely and even view a live webcam inside your boat!






When you are remote from your RV are you concerned about temperature, battery levels, solar panels keeping your batteries topped up? When walking back to your trailer in the dark wouldn't it be great to turn the outside light on? 


Log in to Interactio Cloud and turn on that outside light or check the battery levels, and more...





Manage Fuel for you agricultural fleet of vehicles - tractors, trucks, any heavy equipment.


With Optio Fuel running on your equipment you can see real-time fuel usage and optimize your running speeds to minimize fuel use and more important, minimize time spent re-fuelling.

Use Optio Fuel to compare effficency and performance from one vehicle to another - is the machine you are using for this job the most efficient? How do brands compare? Which one is best for the job? Optio Fuel gives you this information effortlessly.

Downloadable log files that you can analyze and compare data between machines, jobs and processes. Included geo-location data.

You're in control with





Onboard OR remotely, you can:
Switch up to 6 DC circuits:
  • Remotely from the Interactio Cloud or
  • Onboard using the Interactio Mobile App
Monitor unlimited sensors:
  • Temperature & humidity
  • Battery voltage/charging condition
  • Bilge water levels
  • Security & Motion including dock tether tension
  • Propane tank levels
  • More...
Manage Fuel consumption and range:
  • Live display of fuel consumption, even for boats without expensive fuel management systems
  • Calculate optimum cruising speed and range using Interactio EcoRangeTM
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