Each Optio Fuel (Patent Pending.) kit comes with the fuel flow sensor, hose barbs, mounting hardware and the mobile app is free

Save Money

Optimize your cruise. Optio Fuel continuously calculates the highest speed you can run for the least amount of fuel and displays it on the map as your EcoRangeTM optimized cruise.

Save Time

Know your range to empty at current speed. Only stop when you need to refuel and don't stop unless you have to!

Peace of Mind

Don't worry about getting stranded! Know when you need to turn back or refuel. Keep your costs as low as possible and even reduce your impact on the environment.

Mobile app screenshots



The app displays your current cruising range on the map (the blue circle) superimposed with your optimal EcoRangeTM (the green circle). Simply adjust your throtlle to cruise at your optimal.

App also shows:


  • Current fuel consumption

  • Distance & time to empty

  • Trip fuel consumed

Optio Fuel Flow Sensor

Patent Pending.


  • Wireless installation in 5 minutes!

  • Battery lasts for up to 1 season.

  • Automatically connects to the Interactio Smart Boat iOS app and transmits fuel usage.

Optio Fuel pays for itself within a few trips!

Test boat:

    23 foot Bayliner Trophy with 200 HP Suzuki DF200TX cylinder 4 stroke outboard engine: 18 gph @ 5600 rpm


Typical cruise:

    Running at 75% throttle using 14.25 gph for 6 hours =  85.5 gallons per cruise

    At an average marine gasoline price of $3.60/gallon, this equals over $307 per cruise...

With a 10% savings Optio Fuel

could save you $30/day!!

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