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Communications Hub with onboard and remote switching
Fuel Flow

Have you wondered what your range is at your current speed and fuel consumption? Interactio's Fuel Management system is easy to install, pairs to the Interactio Fuel App on your smartphone using BLE and tells you your engine (or engines) live fuel flow and superimposes your current range as a blue circle on the map/chart on your smartphone.


More powerful, the app automatically calculates your optimal range and speed/RPM and displays it on the chart as a green EcoRangeTM circle.  Simply adjust your throttle(s) until the blue and green circles align and you are cruising at the optimal speed - maximum range for minumum fuel use. It's easy and it updates the EcoRangeTM live depending on boat loading, weather conditions, etc.

Level Gauge

Is your fuel gauge accurate? Can you see it when you are not sitting at the helm? Is it obstructed by large instruments like depth finders, plotters and GPS units?


With Optio Level Gauge and the free Interactio App you can view your fuel level for single, dual or even up to four tanks, and it's not restricted to fuel - add a sensor virtually any tank sender and it will relay the tank level wirelessly to the app on your smartphone or tablet. 


Installation is a breeze - you don't even need to access the sender itself - just tap the sensor into the gauge wires, pair with your phone or tablet, calibrate it and you're done!

Environmental Sensors

The Interactio system can interface with a number of BLE enabled sensors for data such as:


  • fuel flow(s)

  • voltages

  • temperature, humidity

  • fluid levels

  • shore power connection


In addition, many other data elements are calculated by the Interactio Hub and are available on either the Interactio mobile app while onboard or remotely via the Interactio Cloud.

Hub & Smart Dome Light

One of the core devices in the Interactio system is our Hub. It is packaged inside an integrated LED dome light with environmental sensors for temperature, humidity and an integrated webcam so you can see what;s going on in your boat even when you are not there.


The hub has been designed to be retrofiited into existing boats with minimal effort and wirelessly communicates to the Hub and Interactio Cloud.


The Interactio "Hub" is the central brain of the Interactio system. With and Intel IoT system-on-chip it is a very powerful computer with on board Wifi and low-energy bluetooth (BLE). The Hub handles all communications to and from the Interactio Cloud via WiFi, the various Interactio sensors on your vessel and to and from your smartphone. It also communicates with and relays control inputs to the Interactio Relay Pack to switch onboard circuits remotely.



Battery Isolator & System Monitor

The Interactio Battery Isolator allows you to remotely shut off or select your batteries. Like a manual isolator, it allows you to shut off all batteries or select 1, 2 or both. 


The difference is the Interactio Isolator, like all Interactio products is wireless and allows you to control your isolator via your smartphone, tablet or even remotely via the Interactio Cloud


Not only can you control the isolator, but you can build easy workflows that can icnlude the isolator. The Interaction App comes with two workflow modes pre-installed:


Dock Mode - with oneclick on your smartphone or tablet shut your boat down including all electrical systems or just ones you define and isolate the batteries you ave selected.


Cruise Mode - essentially the reverse of Dock Mode, cruise mode turns on all of the systems you have defined with one selection.




Say you come back from a day of cruising, pull into your dock and tie up. Once you have unloaded the boat and are ready to leave by simply hitting Dock Mode on your smartphone the Interactio system will shut off your nav lights, cabin lights, cockpit lights, VHF radio, sounder/plotter, switch your isolator to "Off" and turn on your battery charger.


When you next return, as you approach your boat simply select cruise mode and it will turn off your charger, swithc your isolator to battery 1, turn on your sounder, VHF and nav lights and turn on your furnace.


The system is completely customizable and these are only a few examples - much more is possible!

Shore Power Connection

Most of the time, once you leave your boat you don't know what is happening. For many reasons shore power can either disonnect or be turned off without your knowing. In some cases your physical connection can come unplugged - either on it's own or by someone else!


Not only can you see whether your shore power is still connected, with the Interactio system you can also get an alert to your email or smartphone if shore power should become disconnected..

Security and Loss Prevention

The Interactio system works with a wide variety of sensors including sensors for intrusion detection such as wireless door contacts, wireless sound and motion detectors and snap detectors. Even an elasticized dock tether that will alert you if your boat has slipped it's moorings!


For loss prevention we use tiny locating beacons that can be hidden in objects that may be targets for theft such as outboards, dinghies, downriggers, etc. The tags are tiny and can be consealed in ways where they can't be seen. The beacons can be tracked over long distances using the latest wireless and cellular technology

Actio Pack

The Interactio Actio Pack integratess with your boat's electrical system and allows you to turn lights, pumps, chargers, refrigerators, heaters, icemakers, etc. on or off from either onboard using your smartphone or tablet or remotely via the Interactio Cloud. 


The relay pack is installed by tieing into your existing electrical panel or circuits by connecting three wires per circuit. Installation is easy and  typically takes less than an hour on most boats.


The Relay Pack allows you to not only continue to use your existing switches but enables remote actuation via the Interactio Hub to control up to six electrical circuits.

Interactio Cloud

The Interactio Cloud is the Cloud-based platform behind the Interactio System. The Cloud is a customer web portal that enables users to control systems in their boats and read sensor values in near real-time. 


For instance - say your Boat is moored at your marina and you are at home. Would you like to know what your current battery voltage is and if your system is charging? Would you like to know what the temperature and humidity are? How about if your boat is still connected to shore power? Would you like to be able to turn on your battery charger, furnace or refrigerator from home?  Turn on the ice machine so there is ice available when you and your guests arrive? 


Simply log in to the Interactio Cloud to view and control all of your Boat's systems from anywhere.