Firmware Updates for your Optio Fuel flow sensor

Firmware is software code that resides on the sensors. The Smartboat App has the ability to download and update the firmware on the sensor.

If there is a firmware update available for your sensors the Smartboat app will display a popup window with instructions.

Alternatively, you can go to the sensors tab and tap on a sensor. In the next window, if a firmware update is available, an 'Update Sensor' button will be displayed

Firmware Versions



Minor update to improve sleep algorithm to squeeze out a little more battery performance


Improved battery by optimizing hardware components power usage. battery life up from 200hrs engine run time to 1700 hours!


Complete re-write of the bluetooth engine and further improves battery life by using Beacon technology. Battery life approximately three times better. Also adds better support for multi-sensor installations.



Improved battery life by ensuring that the sensor fully powers down when fuel stops flowing through the sensor.


Original Release

Our Firmware Update Guide can be found here: