David Burton
CEO and Founder

David has over 20 years executive management experience leading product development, product management and IT/DevOps teams. He is a strong visionary leader and team builder with extensive experience working with technology companies in both software and hardware product development. David was most recently VP of product development, product management and Cloud IT/DevOps at Certain Inc. and prior to that he spent 8 years in various roles at Oracle. David has delivered products and services to many fortune 100 technology companies in the silicon valley and San Francisco bay area including Apple, Intel, HP, Broadcom, Kyocera and many others.


David is a lifelong boater and has been involved in building boats and marine systems of many sizes, including a boats from 24 to 41 feet and operating a commercial dive charter vessel including running a submarine charter with National Geographic

Board of Advisors

Dave Stephens brings more than twenty years of experience as product developer, consultant, unit manager, and development vice president, architecting multi-platform business solutions and leading technical development and market strategy. He is currently Vice President and General Manager of the Service Management Business Unit at ServiceNow.

Prior to ServiceNow, Dave spent two tours of duty at Oracle, totaling 13 years. During that time, he led a 1,200-person workforce in 24 countries. He also led systems integrations (including Sun, RightNow, Taleo, and Eloqua), operational profit improvements, and product development for CRM and procurement applications.


Between Oracle roles, he spent four years as co-founder and CEO of Coupa, an enterprise SaaS expense management startup that as of Q1 2013 had experienced 17 consecutive quarters of sequential revenue growth.



Dave Stephens

An internationally recognised pioneer in the diving industry, Phil Nuytten has spent 40 years creating deepwater dive products that have opened the ocean’s depths to exploration and industry.

Through his companies, Nuytco and Can-Dive, he has developed the technology to allow longer-length diving expeditions with increased safety. Nuytten’s one-atmosphere systems – the hard-suits ‘Newtsuit’ and ‘Exosuit’, and his deep-diving “DeepWorker” submersibles – are renowned internationally. This deep diving equipment, along with Nuytten’s military submarine rescue system (designated ‘Remora’ by the Royal Australian Navy and ‘PRMS’ by the US Navy), is standard in nearly a dozen of the world’s navies.

Phil Nuytten has spent over forty years developing undersea systems that have the safety of the diving technician as their common theme. His goal has been to provide scientific, technical, military, and sport divers full access to continental shelf depths without the hazards of decompression, so that humans can explore, learn about, and - ultimately - protect the world’s oceans.

Dr. Phil Nuytten
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